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6 Month Membership

  • 6 month membershipComplete On-Line Personalized Nutrition & Weight Training programs
  • Complete nutrition & supplementation plans--Cardiovascular outlines & drills
  • All clients are to send weekly or bi-weekly photos and detailed feed back
  • Meal plans and training programs are provided for off season and pre-contest
  • Free access to Exercises Videos

In Person, 1 on 1 consultations are available at a cost of $100
Paid in full is $1800 + HST*


Monthly payments are $325 + HST*

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HST will be calculated & applied by PayPal.

Membership Policy
It is our firm belief that when you commit to our programs and become a client of TeamOBrien, you are serious about fitness and your physical transformation that is going to happen. We will work together to help you achieve your success. However this is hard work and you need to be committed to this program as we are committed to you

We have a NO refund policy

Should you need to put your membership on a temporary hold, then we will accommodate this request for 3 months.